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    It’s a good idea to have a conversation with the cabinetmaker before the cabinets are started, it can save a lot of time down the line.  For instance, it would be better to know ahead of time that the dishwasher is not going to go under the two and a half inch counter top on the island when something can be done about it.  A cabinetmaker should have experience with a variety of appliances and be able to offer a different perspective to avoid these kinds of conflicts. As I’m sure you are aware, details can only be solved with the cooperation of numerous trades.  Cabinets tend to interface with all the other trades and so an on site cabinetmaker can solve a lot of problems, communicate with the other trades and help the job run smoother. Tile, floors, trim, baseboards, plumbing fixtures and on and on.....  So, it’s important to have the cabinetmaker on board and hopefully a cabinetmaker that is paying attention.  With all the details it is easy to miss something crucial that can pose a real problem at installation.  If the cabinetmaker could have told you that the sink wouldn’t work or the fixture was too bulky to work with the bar top above it or the dishwasher won’t work with a standard counter height and the two inch butcher block top, and needs an extra inch of depth, or the electrical box is too deep for the refrigerator panel as specified, it could save a lot of time at installation.  Field solutions are not always the most satisfactory and they are  time consuming. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes.

    I wont bore you with a long narrative but you will find some valuable information in the PDF files, they are a concise collection of problems and solutions. I hope they help.

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